Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jan 10 - The Mindful Alien in the Room

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A Guide to Mindfulness At Work
I'm still trying to get a grip on the use of the word "mindful." It's everywhere.  How can it be so invasive, so universal, and on every page you turn?" It's like a troll? When you aren't expecting it, it rears it ugly head. Be mindful! Mindfulness in the work place! mindfulness on social media!When did mindfulness practices get here? And, where did they come from?  Right when I think I have it in a box all neatly packaged with it's parameters and practices contained, there's another mindful troll that pops up.  The Mindful Social Networking triggered this rant!

Every year I start the last two weeks of December planning and the first two weeks of January networking. It works for me.  It sets the tone of the upcoming year. These weeks are filled with lunches, happy hours, planning meetings, ordering office supplies, and sending out proposals.  I do more meditating and mindful practices, and I take lots of classes.  These classes help me stay abreast of social media, for developing new skills, and honing in on self-improvement. I give myself a C or C- on active mindfulness practices.

Did I mention I'm in two intensive French classes? That was a 2017 goal, and I began in September.  In spite of six or more hours of homework a week, I'm really enjoying rekindling my first love - foreign languages. And mindfulness in my studies is probably a B/B-.  Maybe because passion is included.

Perhaps mindfulness in 2018 will be my new replacement for "resolutions."  The word resolutions ring false to me, especially since these activities are Career and Life Practices.  Dare I say "Mindful Career and Life Practices?" That wording does make it so much more inviting and inclusive.  I will keep trying to incorporate and welcome mindfulness to my vocabulary and daily practices. But right now it's still an alien concept. I give my self a C- on overall acceptance.

P.S. Oh, I was picked up by a print/TV commercial talent agency.  I'll keep you abreast. 

Kathleen Brandt
Put It Into Action Series. 

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