Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 4 - I'm Joyful

The Book of Joy
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Lesson: Coaches Have Coaches Too

I began every year with renewed arsenal. It always involves networking and learning.  So I scheduled myself into several entrepreneurial and social media classes for first quarter of the new year.  And, I got a mentor: Janice.  Sometimes I just need a second opinion, an opinion from someone who has no reason to agree with me.  I need someone blunt and willing to coach me.  This is not a job for the soft hearted. 

My first phone introduction with Janice was full of blunt talk. I’ve never met the woman, but she’s invested in my success, or her coaching success.  Either way, it’s good to have had the introduction. I was left with a list of action items.

A good mentor will make you accountable.  That’s what I do with those I mentor.  You coach, guide, and prod.  You get off the phone with action items and a scheduled time to meet again. Those are the basics of a good mentor or coach.

One of my action items is to write.  Today, I wrote 1474 words.  That brings my Death Sentence word count to 2437. I’m even enjoying the discipline of writing it. 

One of my own action items is to make it real.  I have a goal, I’m ready to make changes, transform and nourish my future.  For me that means share it.  People are reluctant to share personal dreams and goals.  I’m just the opposite. I believe sharing fuels life.  So, after Pilates today, I engaged in a conversation with Beth, the soccer mom from California and Madeline.  I believe Madeline is a practitioner of all things new age, or as we say nowadays “mindfulness.” I loved the energy.  I shared my state of transition.  One suggested TEDx, the other gave me a confidence boost on how I came across.  The conversation was based on Happy vs Joyful

I’m Joyful. 

Kathleen Brandt
Put It Into Action Series

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