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Jan 1 - Brandt 2018 Daily Report

Put It Into Action Series

I declare 2018 the year of Action. And, everyone who has attended one of my corporate workshops, entrepreneur coaching sessions, or motivational keynote presentations know I believe in accountability.  Here’s to 2018 and 365 days of movement and the Put It Into Action Series.

Daily Report

1 Jan - This Isn’t A Holiday, People!
Lesson: Social Media "Dostadning"

If you aren’t sure you understand the Swedish word Dostadning, then we are going to walk through it this New Year, beginning today. Dostadning is referenced in America as “Swedish Death Cleaning.”  But it’s not like it sounds. Yes, it literally comes from the Swedish words “death and cleaning” Dostadning is a slow steady decluttering that starts now, and ends when you exit - exit this world, that is.  Well, I really don’t like the phrase “Swedish death cleaning.” It seems so permanent and irreversible, and well frankly like a massacre. But, dostadning sounds thoughtful, maybe even culturally exposed and full of action. Plus, why not add another Swedish word to your vocabulary.

Unlike the traditional dostadning, where you slowly declutter your home so your loved ones don’t know what a pack-rat and weirdo you really are, but allows you to leave this world with your legacy intact, the social media dostadning that I’m suggesting, is for you.  It all includes, reviewing, remembering, and saying “ahhh” a thousand times at images you had forgotten or at that sweet note your little brother sent you (probably was under some influence or had his own death scare – what else possessed him to be so sweet?) 

When I was younger I moved about every 2-3 years.  Actually, by the time I was 40 I had moved my piano and other belongings to ten dwellings in seven states within a twenty years span.  So a natural dostadning or death cleaning was inevitable with every moving exercise (even though I still have my piano that I haven’t played seriously for 20 years).  But for social media we have to make an effort - an concerted effort.

My business twitter account was posting another company’s newsletter.  I noticed it about six months ago.  It was annoying, but the guy wasn’t paying me to spread his brand, and I needed to boost mine.  That had to be fixed.  It was here that I realized that I had apps, even apps that had created apps. I had no idea what they were, how to use them and which one was doing the automatic newsletter posts.  In the meantime, my real scheduled tweets were no longer posting with images.  I have no idea how my blog was posting to google+, and to be honest,  I’m not sure I even knew my blog posts were posting to LinkedIn.  Then I received this comment on my twitter account from a follower: “I was wondering why your twitter account was looking so spammy.”  Well that wasn’t the social media results I was looking for. Time for action.

In my hunt for which app was doing the newsletter tweets, (which I’m still not sure I know which one it was), I learned about a lot of apps.  There’s Feedblitz, that one could have been the guilty party,(not sure), and then there’s the free version of that sends out less than sensible tweets in my name to promote its brand (that’s what I’ve gathered).  Friend Jenna asked me if I had used IFTTT. No but it is intriguing. And colleague George told me to delete cache and cookies.  Did that! It’s been 6 hours and no new tweets from the newsletter.

No reason to stop there. Twitter has its apps, then there are the facebook apps, Google Apps, and more. I’ve been app deleting (is that a verb?) for over 5 hours today. But the plus is I’m learning about apps!

Social media dostadning, was a great investment, but I must stay vigilant. Remember, it is a slow steady decluttering that starts now, and ends when you exit - exit this world, that is.

Put It Into Action Series
Kathleen Brandt

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