Wednesday, January 3, 2018

3 Jan – The Book I Never Wrote

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Lesson: Tell Your Story

Death Sentence 1
Death Sentence 2
Death Sentence 3

In 1997 I was given my first death sentence.  “We don’t know what’s wrong, we don’t know why, we just know we can give you blood transfusions as needed. (sigh) Long enough for you to get your 'affairs’ in order. You need 6 units of blood.” [That’s what my notes say.]

I was thirty-seven years old.  I didn’t have affairs.  I had a house on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., a 1989 Saab convertible, and a marriage that had gone kaput. Oh, and I had a job - a six figure international job.  Oh yeah, one more thing. I owned and operated a dance studio on Capitol Hill a block from my home.

I talk about my life, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, COPD, and dealing with compromised heart, lung, blood and oxygen when I speak to groups about living with physical challenges. Heck I talk about it when I’m addressing overcoming sales obstacles, or branding failures, or topics to encourage to create, to move, to grow, “in spite of…”   I talk about it when people declare their life hard, because they don’t yet have that Tesla.  It’s part of my “Reaching Your Dream” speech.  I tell parts when I talk about your DNA Says So! Oh and it all started with my own mantra “You Are a Pioneer.” I coach others to overcome obstacles.

Most have not been three definitive death sentences.  This little spill usually begins with “in 1997 I was given my first death sentence.”

I talk about moving in spite of…, taking charge of defining you. I talk about seven essential steps to help ascend an invisible staircase to realize your ideal you. And, I’ve been asked on several occasions to put it in a book. Well, of course, I should. I’m a motivational keynote speaker. It’s what I do.  I coach others to build their dreams in spite of the life they have to juggle.

Today I wrote 963 words. I just wrote.

Kathleen Brandt
Put It Into Action Series

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