Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2 Jan - Spoofed and Annoyed.

Daily Report
Lesson: Clean up Messes Immediately

The phone calls today began at 9:48am.  The first one was from Minnesota.
Caller: “Someone called from this number.”
Me:  “No, I’m sorry, but there have been no outgoing phone calls from here.”
Caller:  “Hmmm. But I just called you back.  Ok.  sorry.”

Nothing suspicious about that call. 

Shortly after lunch there was the hang-up call.  No voicemail.  This happens sometimes. People call the business line, listen to my “Hi, This is Kathleen” spiel and hang up.  Again not really suspicious about that call.  But, then there were two more hang-ups.  It was the fourth call around 3:00pm that made me jump into action. 
Caller:  “This is Mike.  You just called”. The call was from Missouri.
Me:  “No, I did not call.  But you are the second call today that has said that, and this is my business number. I would know if I made out going calls.”
Caller Mike:  “Oh…you’ve been spoofed.”

No reason waiting on this one.  There are times I just add it to the “Task List,” but a quick assessment and I realized this could get ugly quickly.  The mental game plane went to work.
Step 1:  Find out the meaning and consequences of “spoofed.”
Step 2:  Call cell phone provider and ask for help, change all security and passwords.  Well that was their suggestion with the assurance that the person or company that is spoofing my number may come to them to ask for personal information.  Ugh!  Well they noted my account with extra security and told me to call the FCC.
Step 3: Realize this is 2018 and I should be able to make a report on the FCC website. Yes -spoofing is a thing.  But I had no information.  Let me make sure you get this.  A legitimate person called me because they had my phone number on their caller ID.  They did not have the “spoofers” number, name, or information.  Just the “spoofee’s number. The spoofee would be me.  I didn’t have anyone’s name or number except the legitimate persons who called.  I refer to them as the “spoofets.”  No that’s not a word, but there were three players in this scenario that so far took me one hour to clean up from start to finish - the spoofer, the spoofee and the spoofet

Well that was an hour out of my life that I will never get back!

Kathleen Brandt
Put It Into Action Series

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