Saturday, December 23, 2017

Heart, Lung, Oxygen and Blood


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It’s Not Just COPD
Pilates…yes that’s the answer for now.  In 2005 it was chair yoga, then it was basic yoga at the local Y with portable oxygen in tow.  And then, walking in the pool with the portable oxygen stationed poolside with the canula dragging on top of the water.  Oh…that was all followed by water yoga. Why not? Yoga and pool, and the local Y actually had classes in “Water Yoga.” But now it’s Pilates.  On bad days (that’s bad days of breathing) you can lay down on the reformer machine, try to engage in breathing principles, and avoid all cardio.  Resting pulse rate is already as high as 112 so cardio is out of the question. Plus cardio, for us, is just  moving. Moving from the bed to the bathroom or the car to the front door. 

But I’ve worked up to Pilates.  Not bad when I had my first death sentence in 1997, at the age of 36; then another ridiculous two day life expectancy rate in 2005.  I was only 44.  But today it's Pilates.   Ok not just Pilates, but healthy eating, weight watcher weight since 2000, and Pilates. Oh…and I walked around the block today, like everyday for the past year.  Even when I’m having a bad day, I walk around the block.  It’s slow, but I only need slow. 
Ok, slow, good food, and pilates.

That’s my holiday story!

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