Thursday, January 4, 2018

1-2-3 Expand Your Reach!

Rethink Your Business Model
The world is not that small, Heck, your business is not that small.  But, your vision may be.  So let's adjust and see our business with a tilted lens to get a clearer view.

December should be titled the "Month of Meme's." How many ways can we share holiday greetings. But I thought this one was most creative. It shows the power of taking a more creative look for a powerful outcome. This has actually two messages.

Well that's what I want you to do with your business.  Expand your view to expand your message, allowing you to expand your reach.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
So, in 2008 I hung my shingle on yet another business.  I sold one in 1997 in Washington D.C., and another in 2007 in Kansas City expanded internationally. My experience in New Business Development for an international company allowed me understand the importance of expansion and revenue streams.  So I applied the principles to my entrepreneurial efforts.  And it worked.

What are the Steps? 1-2-3
You may be a baker, a manufacturer, or in the service business, but you must have a minimum of three revenue streams to expand and get to the top of your small business / entrepreneurial market. but remember, this is also the basis of big business.
1.  Provide a service or product. Know your business, become the expert. But this isn't enough. Clients want you to show them you know your field - you are the expert!

The next two is to generate $$$ while showing clients you are the expert.

2.  Presenting / Speaking. This is more than just  sharing information on your service / product. It includes your experiences.  How did you become successful?  What is needed in your market? How did you use social media?  Share a few not-so-secret Secrets.  Get a platform locally, or at the Chamber of Commerce, explore webinars, and test out periscoping.  Offer to speak at the industry conference, association, or society.  These are often paid presentations, because everyone wants to hear from the expert.

3.  Write, Write, Write. Why are you writing? To remind everyone that you are the expert, and you have knowledge to share. You have products and services to sell.  You can help others to grow and are willing to share your knowledge and experiences.

Does This Work?
From 2008 - 2010 I concentrated on my newest entrepreneurial efforts - a historical research firm. By 2011 my client base expanded from the Americas to Australia and Asia.  I was no longer writing for industry online magazines but was featured in AARP magazine, Jet Magazine and more.  I presented to Tim McGraw on national television, appeared on NBC and the History Channel, researched for TLC, PBS, Travel Channel and History Channel.  My services expanded international and I was even featured internationally on Asia Business News.  Eight years and I now serve six of the seven continents.

 New Business Development (NBD) Coaching
Yes, it works! I have applied this same method on 3 other business, as I mentioned. I use my 20 years of international corporate leadership and specialize in New Business Development (NBD) Coaching - sharing and helping others is my passion.  I now sell NBD Coaching packages and others have been just as successful as they gain experience and expand their reach.

Let me know if I can help you!  And of course, I offer individual and company coaching and group presentations.

Kathleen Brandt

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