Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's NOT Just Work! It's Self Morale

Benjamin Morrell, 1795-1839
2017 Self-Morale
Goals are within reach if they have a purpose. And, when it comes to our careers, that purpose is always personal. My passion is learning. I truly will apply learning to both mental and physical activities. As I coach others through their business conundrums,  I often explain the importance of my existence through learning. The takeaway is your skills can be applied to meet your meaning.
For years I studied dance. But I was horrible at gymnastics.  I never advanced to the big girl lines even when I was teaching tumbling to the under 8 year olds.  Then I went to college. In my dance classes I learned the physics, how it worked, and all of a sudden, I could do backflips- aerials, layouts, pikes and tuck and aerial cartwheels. In the 90's I opened a dance studio in Washington, DC. Oxford Academy of the Arts on Capitol Hill. I coached tumbling and basic gymnastics.  My passion was not to be a professional dancer, but to be a student of dance. (True Confession Kathleen Brandt)
Believe me, I know this is not the norm. But, for me,the passion to learn is my number one motivator. It's in all that I do - telecommunications, foreign languages, research, etc. me a nerd.

But, we've all heard that in a career there are five dimensions of meaning:
  1. money
  2. status
  3. making a difference
  4. passions (for me this is #1)
  5. talent
Is talent more important to you than status? Does making a difference pale in importance to money? If you had to give each a percentage to add up to 100% how would you prioritize these dimensions of meaning.  The good news is it's personal. If you work toward your goal of aligning meaning to your needs it's perfect! For you, that is.

On the other other hand, Fyodor Dostoevky is noted as having stated the reality of not applying your dimension of meaning to your career:

Fyodor Dostoevky, 1821 - 1881
So as you list your 2017 Resolutions put your priorities in place. It will keep you reaching toward your goal. 

Ask for the Self-Morale Workshop. 

Kathleen Brandt