Monday, March 16, 2015

Are You A Scout For Your Business?

The Scout: a soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force
so as to gather information about the enemy's position, strength, or movements.
3 Tips to Avoid Detours in Your Business
If you are a corporate exec, a marketing manager, or an entrepreneur, you should know the power of a strong "Scout" on your team. A true business scout goes out ahead of the others to gather information about the competition’s position, strength, and movements. But they are als
o gathering this data on the consumer. It’s about arming yourself with knowledge. But many scouts are derailed by detours.

Here are 3 tips to avoiding the detours:
    Success from reviving an old path with small changes.
  1. Create a new path. Although we never want to “recreate the wheel,” and we definitely don’t want to discard what works, we do want to spin off the already “trodden path.” I know it sounds easier than it is, but gather data, and stay open to new ideas.
  2.  Take a different path. Sure you can do it the way everyone else has, and find ways to tweak it into a new niche, or you can start afresh. These are true innovators, those who have an ah ha! moment.  Our pioneer ancestors even figured this out (without the technology we have).  The migratory path to the westward lands were dangerous. It took courageous scouts – those who went out ahead – to plan safer, new routes.

    A scout goes out ahead of others, 
    but ruts are created from those who follow the leader.

  3. Avoid ruts. Usually caused by “a fixed routine of thought or action,” you may be a victim “stuck in a rut.”  Have you lost their focus?  Remember a scout goes out ahead of others, but ruts are created from those who follow the leader. 
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