Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Opportunities to Opening Doors

Do you know where this door is?
Do you have a preference how you enter or exit? Some like to pull open a door. Perhaps this is a great way to let the inside energy to seep into your presence. Others like to push open a door. A friend says, it's a grander statement: "I'm here." Some people like revolving doors. Like a child, I always find it surprising when I am deposited at my destination by a revolving door.  I still have the fear that I will miss my exit and go in circles. 

This door analogy to our life can go on and on. Do you prefer glass doors where you can get a preview? Or, the solid door that comes with at least a hint of surprise behind it?

Portal: "an entrance, gateway, or doorway, especially one that is large and impressive and of imposing appearance" 

Whatever your enter - exit preference is, know that we have to open, exit and maneuver portals of our life on a daily basis. 

Kathleen Brandt
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Keynote Speaker Series

Speaker Series for Organizations, Societies, Corporations, Colleges, and Universities
Kathleen Brandt incorporates 20 years of international business dedicated to "implementing new business strategies" with an inspiring presentation to discover the Pioneer in you. With her experience as an Executive for top-tier international corporations she encourages and motivates her audiences to find new roads and discovering that You Are A Pioneer!© She shares her transition from corporate executive to successful entrepreneur.   

The You Are A Pioneer!© series is tailored to meet your entrepreneurial and organizational goals. This motivational presentation is a great way to get new ideas flowing and to embrace changes for your future success. Sometimes, all we need, is to know what is possible whether you are in a college/university setting, blazing a small business/entrepreneurial path, or need to give a jolt of energy and excitement to your marketing/sales department. 

New 2015 Titles 

Geeks, Nerds, and Superheroes
(Category: Motivation, Overcoming Adversity)
We have all been faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable. So when I went from a six figure salary to Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, I had nothing left in front of me but opportunities. What to do next? Invoke those dormant Superhero Powers!  

The Invisible Staircase
(Category: Leadership and Personal Growth)

“You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” But, we all know the first step is the hardest and it takes courage. This interactive presentation offers seven essential leadership steps to help ascend an invisible staircase in order to realize your dream.  Courage, Vision, Strength, Passion, Creativity, Action, Support.

What’s Your DNA Makeup to Success?
(Category: Motivation, Niche, Entrepreneur)
Expect to discard your “head story” and create a new narrative by discovering your DNA makeup is full of success.  How are your self-beliefs holding you back from your dreams? What is really possible? This interactive, thought-provoking presentation will help you rewrite your narrative.

You Know It - They Don’t!
Using Social Networking to Establish the Expertise Buzz
(shhh) Secret….it’s not just for entrepreneurs! Great way to recreate yourself, initiate promotions, and establish you as the must have expert.  

Find the pioneer in you and your organizational staff! To book Keynote Speaker Kathleen Brandt, call 816-729-5995.

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