Monday, May 26, 2014

Not Overwhelmed but Overwhelmingly ....

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed-1

It doesn't matter if you are a CEO of a large corporation or have just begun your new entrepreneurial endeavor, you know there's no such thing as coasting. There's always the next project, the next step, the next move to your success. The word "next" is the making of feeling "overwhelmed." But you are not the one who should be overwhelmed, your clients should be. They should be saying "that was an overwhelmingly exciting idea." "I am just absolutely overwhelmed with joy with this new product." 

How do you eat an elephant? 
One bite at a time. 

For this reason, I am excited to share The Easy Way to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed written by Robert D. Smith as a guest speaker of the Time Management Ninja website. The article and included tips remind us to live in the moment; in the present. Not in the future. The question to ask when you are paralyzed by being overwhelmed: "what can I do now"? And upon completion of that task, ask again "what can I do now"?  

Sometimes, right now is the perfect time to clear your desk creating a clean slate; sans clutter. That 5 minutes of un-cluttering will clear a space for you to be creative, and to stay in the "NOW". 

May you have an overwhelmingly successful day!

Kathleen Brandt