Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do you know the Power of ABC -A Battle Companion?

Simply In Season
When our life takes an unexpected turn, arm yourself with a weapon. Do you have an ABC -A Battle Companion - for overcoming challenges? To balance health, career and life challenges, I pause with a "carrot."

Last week, I was speaking to a small group about battling the plethora of physical and emotional issues that come with autoimmune diseases. Eric, who suffers from sickle cell anemia, wanted to know if I am a vegetarian? And, “if so for how long and why?”  I gave him my official answer:

The answer is 90 percent vegan. 10 percent animal protein. I feel better especially with the autoimmune disease.  Since 2005.

Harry Potter had his wand, his fighting stick and his companion in battle. We all need a battle wand!  I have a carrot. When I’m weak, sad, need a quiet moment, or feeling unloved, I reach for a carrot. And the "Carrot Principle, has given a great boost to my career. 

Harry Potter got a wand, and all he had was a scar!

One Carrot At A Time
1.  For Peace
Plant a carrot or two. Just the solitude and quiet of digging in the earth, planting your carrot seeds, watering and nurturing your plant, will give you time to think and time to sow thoughts. Be sure to pull the unwanted weeds (from your carrot crop and your thoughts). And, we all know you reap what you sow.
 2.  For Health
Eat carrots and other veggies, they are natural autoimmune disease fighters. Plus, it’s the one thing that you can do for your body. Feed it with all that is good.
 3.  For Strength
Have you tried juicing carrots? Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, calcium and potassium, you will feel rejuvenated. Check with your doctor though, carrots have a glycemic index.
 4.  For Emotional Therapy
Crunch, crunch, crunch. The rhythmic effort and sound of eating a carrot, is soothing. Just concentrate on the task at hand – eating the carrot. Yum!

And, the "Carrot Principle"
has given a great boost to my career.

 5.  For Career
Let’s see... “carrot and stick” and “carrot on a stick,” and “led by a carrot.” Whether you are leading a donkey or practicing the “Carrot Principle” the carrot plays a successful role in reaching your destination and dreams.  (Just sticking to the theme here)
 6.  For Love
The carat on my ring finger, reminds me I have a partner in this battle of fighting for good health. Wait…wrong carat carrot? But it works for those who get strength from family and friends and life partners. Pull together your support team.

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