Sunday, December 8, 2013

Secrets to Competing With the Big Boys?

Use These 2 Social Media Marketing Plan Templates
Social Media is no longer a new concept, but growing your social media presence and virtual footprint reach may still be challenging.  Here are 2 great Templates by Pam Ann Marketing of New Jersey that may give you a "leg up" on your social media marketing plan. 

Download Template
Download Template

You can't ignore the importance of your Marketing Plan.   

Kathleen Brandt

Client Questions Reveals Blog Topics Without Stress

Oh my...Did HubSpot reveal the a3Genealogy secret to finding blog topics? All of a3Genealogy blog content is created from client research conundrums, brickwalls, and mastering a research nightmare. We often say, I blog it, so I will have the answer next time! Well, of course our readers benefit from the knowledge too. And, we suggest all entrepreneurs try it. It's stress-free.

So when reading Content Hack #2 from HubSpot, we could only chuckle with glee - "must be doing something right!"

Mike Lieberman of Square 2 Marketing says: 
"Turn client questions into content topics." 

The questions propsects ask during your sales process are perfect topic ideas for blog posts, clearpapers, ebooks, and videos.

Well Yes Mr Lieberman, we agree!

(Note: This is part of our HubSpot challenge to test and evaluate some of the 35 Tips and Tricks for Planning and Creating Content.)

Kathleen Brandt

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Creating Blog Topics - So Simple Even The Kids Can Do It

Photo From HubSpot, Hack #1: 34 Tips &Tricks for Planning & Creating Content
Headline Swipe File
HubSpot has done a fascinating series on 34 Tips and Tricks for Planning and Creating Content. We have taken up the challenge to test some of these out for our readers. One of the most common requests we get is for tips to keep a blog going - building loyal readers! This is a great answer and it's SEO friendly. Let us know what you think!

Remington Begg, Impulse Creative suggests: 
"Create a headline swipe file to inspire content topic ideas."
Coming up with blog topics can be daunting. So here’s a tip: Create a headline swipe file to help
inspire ideas. A headline swipe file is a simple document where you can collect great headlines
and share them with your entire team. Download a  copy of our swipe file and read through the
headlines — try to determine why each of them works for you. What psychological strings are your
titles pulling that make people take action? Just be sure to deliver on the promise you make in your
Remington Begg

For More Tips visit Hubspot.

Kathleen Brandt

Monday, December 2, 2013

What is Your Plan to Expand ?

With 2014 nearing, it's time to review your company success or company launch. If you are a stat-up company, begin with your platform. Michael Hyatt gives great tips on how to build your "Platform." Do you even have a platform? What is your WOW? Are you prepared to launch? Are you using cyber space as your partner?

This book (available on Kindle also) should be on every entrepreneur's Holiday reading lists.

Kathleen Brandt