Friday, October 18, 2013

Keeping Research / Presentation Techniques Fresh

Blooms Taxonomy Pyramid:
Hitting the Mark
There are NGS conferences, FGS conferences, state, county, and ethnic society workshops and classes that all offer genealogical seminars and teachings aimed at honing research skills and tips for the family historian and professional genealogist. The issue: often these conferences fall short at skill building.

We are researchers, we don't need classes that the information can be extracted from a well written book, or internet searches. We have libraries, phones, and the internet. Your case studies are of no interest to the true researcher, unless it provides applicable skill building objectives. Really...we are not that impressed at you finding your family/client information - put it in a blog. We want concrete tips on how to find ours.

I am a true proponent of solid methodologies, but what about skills? We harp on the need, where's the support? I know you are going to tell me there are books on it - tomes if you will. There are even at-a-glance 4 pagers, but this is equivalent to handing out at-a-glance laminated sheets to my beginning French students. Tools do not build skills.

We are presenters. Presenters must define their audience and understand their needs. I've attended beginner classes, and have found them to be wonderful. Thinking: "that's what I needed when I began." I've also attended intermediate/advanced classes thinking "the presenter really is desperate for another $200". Title changes do not make a new course.  Keep the title, update the material!

Then let's hone presentation skills. If you are reading your presentation to me, just package your slides and let me purchase them for a dollar. If your use of powerpoint is limited, obtain an expert to assist you. By the way, there are presentation coaches. There are guidelines as to what should be on a slide...and it's not to take a paragraph and bulletize it!

There's a big gap in giving me information on what you did vs. what I want. Going to conferences should not be an exercise for attendees to study the conference guide knowingly having to eliminate presenters.

At a3Genealogy we dedicate a large amount of our budget toward skill building and professional development. We expect value for this line item on our profit/loss statement. We thank the presenters that have contributed to our success. And as a presenter for corporations, college/universities, and in the genealogy community, we hope all are striving to be top drawer presenters.

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Kathleen Brandt

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Synchronicity Jar

It's not too late to have a Synchronicity Jar.  Why not do it quarterly? (FB)

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