Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where Are You Going; How Are You Getting There?

Mother, in her late 70’s, can give you directions to anywhere in Kansas City…as long as she starts her trip from her house.  It doesn’t matter where you are, ask Mother how to get there, and you will begin your trip from either her home or the nearby I435. We call it her home-base. For her, home-base is the first step to her successful arrival. The long way?...Usually!

Where are you now?Are you on a bypass, a circular loop,  
or spur in the direction to your goal?

Now if you are familiar with 3 digit interstates, you know they are unique to a city. The even numbered ones, like I435 in Kansas City, is a loop; circular if you will. These paths, “beltways,” usually allow you to exit and hop onto another interstate at both ends. It’s often a bypass.

On the other hand, odd number 3 digit interstates, like I395 in DC area, allow you to spur onto a main highway at one end. If you are on the correct spur, going in the destined direction, you only have a short way to go to reach your destination to a primary interstate.

Are You On The Right Road? The best part of our journey is even if you are on the wrong path, there are many exit points. Of course you can take Mother’s advice and start back at home-base.

Kathleen Brandt