Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Train and The Seed

Plant and Nuture the Seed

What do you think about as you move forward in a car, or while walkingdown the street? Do you pay attention to your thoughts while riding the bus, or the train? (Yes, I'm partial to trains!) Are your thoughts planting good seeds that you want to sprout alongside your business and paths? I often say "a good idea, like a well seeded plant, will spread and blossom just ahead of you. One seed of an idea will show more and more of its detail and beauty as you share it, define it, and nurture it.

The goal: by the time you reach your destination, at the end of the tracks, there's a complete idea. But that's not the end. So many more tracks have been laid.

Are you also getting the image of your ancestors crossing miles of open territory on foot, in wagons, or on trains to harvest their imaginable dreams? Perhaps even laying the tracks they will use for their migration to a new life in a new territory? I have to wonder, what thoughts did they have to endure such a journey.

Find the pioneer in you!
Kathleen Brandt

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What is A Vision Board?

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Often to get where you want to go, you have to cross unexplored territories, or take the first trip of your migration to unknown lands. But you have to have the idea first, and a clear vision of what that new world would look like. That’s where a vision board comes in. It helps us create a mind, body, spirit synergy of our idea, so it can clearly be materialized in our reality. It’s a business plan for the business of “You.” Where do you want to end up? What will it look like? This vision can be a 1 year picture, or span 50 years.

I recently heard Mary Morrissey say that everything is created twice: first it’s an idea, then it becomes a reality. Nothing demonstrates this better than the actions of our ancestors. They had the idea to migrate to new lands, perhaps from Ireland to America, or from Tennessee to Kansas. The daring ones even took the cross country land trek through unexplored lands between NY and Utah. But first it was an idea. Then they worked toward creating a life they would love.

Like our ancestors, creating the life that we love is a vessel of possibilities. I’m not sure about you, but that incorporates, financial freedom, a healthy me, beauty and travel, fabulous relationships for me. Without these components, it all seems a bit empty. Who wants financial freedom without the health to enjoy what it could bring? Who wants to travel and not share with friends, families and meet new friends and families? That’s what our ancestors did; they traveled far and long to meet up with family, and create generational bonds with friends. They knew there would be ruts and rough terrain to cross to get there, but keeping an eye on their end goal, their vision of a better life, gave them the encouragement to make that first step toward fulfilling their vision.

A vision board is a balanced picture of the life you love: the one you are working to create, or the one that you want to create. It helps solidify those things that are important to you and ideal in creating the life that you love. With just a poster board, glue stick and cut out magazine pics, you are off to the first creation of the business of “You.” Just looking at your vision board, will make you smile. Even more so, as you check off each of realized goals. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s just time to make another one

Find the pioneer in you!
Kathleen Brandt

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