Sunday, December 8, 2013

Secrets to Competing With the Big Boys?

Use These 2 Social Media Marketing Plan Templates
Social Media is no longer a new concept, but growing your social media presence and virtual footprint reach may still be challenging.  Here are 2 great Templates by Pam Ann Marketing of New Jersey that may give you a "leg up" on your social media marketing plan. 

Download Template
Download Template

You can't ignore the importance of your Marketing Plan.   

Kathleen Brandt

Client Questions Reveals Blog Topics Without Stress

Oh my...Did HubSpot reveal the a3Genealogy secret to finding blog topics? All of a3Genealogy blog content is created from client research conundrums, brickwalls, and mastering a research nightmare. We often say, I blog it, so I will have the answer next time! Well, of course our readers benefit from the knowledge too. And, we suggest all entrepreneurs try it. It's stress-free.

So when reading Content Hack #2 from HubSpot, we could only chuckle with glee - "must be doing something right!"

Mike Lieberman of Square 2 Marketing says: 
"Turn client questions into content topics." 

The questions propsects ask during your sales process are perfect topic ideas for blog posts, clearpapers, ebooks, and videos.

Well Yes Mr Lieberman, we agree!

(Note: This is part of our HubSpot challenge to test and evaluate some of the 35 Tips and Tricks for Planning and Creating Content.)

Kathleen Brandt

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Creating Blog Topics - So Simple Even The Kids Can Do It

Photo From HubSpot, Hack #1: 34 Tips &Tricks for Planning & Creating Content
Headline Swipe File
HubSpot has done a fascinating series on 34 Tips and Tricks for Planning and Creating Content. We have taken up the challenge to test some of these out for our readers. One of the most common requests we get is for tips to keep a blog going - building loyal readers! This is a great answer and it's SEO friendly. Let us know what you think!

Remington Begg, Impulse Creative suggests: 
"Create a headline swipe file to inspire content topic ideas."
Coming up with blog topics can be daunting. So here’s a tip: Create a headline swipe file to help
inspire ideas. A headline swipe file is a simple document where you can collect great headlines
and share them with your entire team. Download a  copy of our swipe file and read through the
headlines — try to determine why each of them works for you. What psychological strings are your
titles pulling that make people take action? Just be sure to deliver on the promise you make in your
Remington Begg

For More Tips visit Hubspot.

Kathleen Brandt

Monday, December 2, 2013

What is Your Plan to Expand ?

With 2014 nearing, it's time to review your company success or company launch. If you are a stat-up company, begin with your platform. Michael Hyatt gives great tips on how to build your "Platform." Do you even have a platform? What is your WOW? Are you prepared to launch? Are you using cyber space as your partner?

This book (available on Kindle also) should be on every entrepreneur's Holiday reading lists.

Kathleen Brandt

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Are you participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Week: Nov 18 - 24 in your city/country? If you need information on this global event, visit the official website: GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek. This week long event is great for networking, learning, sharing and community involvement and is celebrated by over 130 countries.

If you can't attend in 2013, remember Global Entrepreneurship Week is every November. For 2014, keep your eyes peeled for Nov 17 - 23.

Thanks to sponsors that make this happen! A special shout out to Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Kathleen Brandt

Friday, November 8, 2013

Planning for 2014

If you are expecting to put your "Reinvent You" plan into place by Jan 1, 2014, then hopefully you are finalizing your 2013 Exit Steps. With less than eight weeks to go be sure to outline your steps to achieve your objectives and goals.

Kathleen Brandt
Keynote Speaker

Friday, October 18, 2013

Keeping Research / Presentation Techniques Fresh

Blooms Taxonomy Pyramid:
Hitting the Mark
There are NGS conferences, FGS conferences, state, county, and ethnic society workshops and classes that all offer genealogical seminars and teachings aimed at honing research skills and tips for the family historian and professional genealogist. The issue: often these conferences fall short at skill building.

We are researchers, we don't need classes that the information can be extracted from a well written book, or internet searches. We have libraries, phones, and the internet. Your case studies are of no interest to the true researcher, unless it provides applicable skill building objectives. Really...we are not that impressed at you finding your family/client information - put it in a blog. We want concrete tips on how to find ours.

I am a true proponent of solid methodologies, but what about skills? We harp on the need, where's the support? I know you are going to tell me there are books on it - tomes if you will. There are even at-a-glance 4 pagers, but this is equivalent to handing out at-a-glance laminated sheets to my beginning French students. Tools do not build skills.

We are presenters. Presenters must define their audience and understand their needs. I've attended beginner classes, and have found them to be wonderful. Thinking: "that's what I needed when I began." I've also attended intermediate/advanced classes thinking "the presenter really is desperate for another $200". Title changes do not make a new course.  Keep the title, update the material!

Then let's hone presentation skills. If you are reading your presentation to me, just package your slides and let me purchase them for a dollar. If your use of powerpoint is limited, obtain an expert to assist you. By the way, there are presentation coaches. There are guidelines as to what should be on a slide...and it's not to take a paragraph and bulletize it!

There's a big gap in giving me information on what you did vs. what I want. Going to conferences should not be an exercise for attendees to study the conference guide knowingly having to eliminate presenters.

At a3Genealogy we dedicate a large amount of our budget toward skill building and professional development. We expect value for this line item on our profit/loss statement. We thank the presenters that have contributed to our success. And as a presenter for corporations, college/universities, and in the genealogy community, we hope all are striving to be top drawer presenters.

To book Keynote Speaker Kathleen Brandt: call 816-729-5995.
Kathleen Brandt

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Synchronicity Jar

It's not too late to have a Synchronicity Jar.  Why not do it quarterly? (FB)

Kathleen Brandt

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Public Release: Growing in the Latino Market

Instant Spanish Series

building business on the common ground
of different languages”

There are thousands of books sharing ideas of global selling. By now, you are already promoting your product and services on your website and social media. But you just reaching just a few Americans if you are neglecting to embrace the Latino market. Entrepreneurs who want to go global can start right here at home.

According to the last U. S. Census (2010) over 50 million Latinos and Hispanics live in the United States. That’s over 13% of the overall U. S. population. And surely you don't want to miss that marketing segment!

Where to Start
Buyers who feel welcomed will help spread your business. Have you expanded to learn just a bit of Spanish? Perhaps put a blurb on your website?  

There are Spanish books just for your market; and companies that will make booklets/audios for phonetic learning. This is an easy way to learn Spanish in your spare time and it’s geared to your client’s needs. In our Entrepreneurial Workshop we actually dedicate 2-3 hours to Instant Spanish, using the series by Strader Communications and Development.

The Instant Spanish Series tagline is “building business on the common ground of different languages". This series has the eight titles.

Today is…

Hoy es
oy / ehs­

  •  Instant Spanish I (includes audio)
  •  Instant Spanish II
  • Instant Spanish Series: Fun With Verbs
  • Instant Spanish for Librarian
  • Instant Spanish for Rehabilitation Professional (includes the pocket size and audio)
  • Doing Business with USA Latinos and Latin America
  • Around the World: Instant Spanish, French, Italian, German
  • Instant Spanish Series: Cultural Awareness Did You Know?
The Instant Spanish Series will be sold on Amazon and Ebay 10 Jun 2013. 

Kathleen Brandt

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where Are You Going; How Are You Getting There?

Mother, in her late 70’s, can give you directions to anywhere in Kansas City…as long as she starts her trip from her house.  It doesn’t matter where you are, ask Mother how to get there, and you will begin your trip from either her home or the nearby I435. We call it her home-base. For her, home-base is the first step to her successful arrival. The long way?...Usually!

Where are you now?Are you on a bypass, a circular loop,  
or spur in the direction to your goal?

Now if you are familiar with 3 digit interstates, you know they are unique to a city. The even numbered ones, like I435 in Kansas City, is a loop; circular if you will. These paths, “beltways,” usually allow you to exit and hop onto another interstate at both ends. It’s often a bypass.

On the other hand, odd number 3 digit interstates, like I395 in DC area, allow you to spur onto a main highway at one end. If you are on the correct spur, going in the destined direction, you only have a short way to go to reach your destination to a primary interstate.

Are You On The Right Road? The best part of our journey is even if you are on the wrong path, there are many exit points. Of course you can take Mother’s advice and start back at home-base.

Kathleen Brandt